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*NEW* Reward Program

First, we want to let you know that the redemption value isnt changing!  It remains at 10 Points per $1 in value.  What is changing is the way you redeem them.  Effective 2/22/2023 we are converting to a coin system.  Every 10 points under the old plan will convert to 1 coin.  1 coin is equal to $1.00 in value.  You will be able to redeem value as low as $1.00 as opposed to waiting till you had $5 in the old plan.

An email will go out to our current members on April 1st, 2023 to remind them to switch to the new plan.  Below is the timeline of the new plan

2/22 - Email sent out to current members about new plan and reminder to convert over to new program and goes live

3/31 - Last day to convert all points.  If you fail or forget to create a new account, you will be given a voucher code for the amount of stars you have remaining in your account and will expire 30 days after being issued

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