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Why us?

The soap that's changing the game

Our cucumber wave soap

I have made lots and lots of skincare products, all of which have been amazing and all natural. But one thing I have truly focused on has been soap. Ever since I started creating soap, I have wanted to revolutionize it. The journey started with your classic melt & pour, then shortly after I began to create hot process soaps. During this time i realized regular soaps just aren't that great for keeping skin soft and fragrant all day. Now I make cold process soaps, this started with many different blends, the first blend was great, but I personally knew it could have been better! So, I spent months & months trying to perfect a conditioning blend to serve as an additive to our soaps, all while staying natural and friendly to everyone! Now with our new blend and months of testing, I was finally able to release the new blend which is silky on the skin, creates a protective and fragrant film on the skin to protect from damage and is not over-drying!

How does it work?

Our unique conditioning blend is formulated with a complex blend of high-quality clay, natural exfoliates and natural waxes all of which come together beautifully in our unique cold process recipe. Through vigorous testing (on myself and my close family of course, we strictly are against animal testing!) I have found this blend to work to fix everything that makes cold process soap "bad". The clay acts as a moisturizer which counters the over-drying feeling many people observe when using soap of any kind. The natural exfoliates help to keep pores unclogged which is important for healthy skin! While the natural waxes get the biggest job, a scent fixative to fix the issue of scent not lingering after washing, a double moisturizer to further help the over-drying effect of soap, and because I create the soap with more luxury hard oils & wax then many other soap brands (who usually use cheaper soft oils) our soaps will last you a tremendously long time in the shower with regular use!


Our Deep ocean soap

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